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    We’re serious about creating amazing products, practices, open work, accessibility, and inclusivity.Let Our Employee Benefit Experts Help You Experience The Perfect Program
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    Experience Robust Employee Benefits With The Help Of A Group Health Insurance Company That Saves You Both Time And Money
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    Group Health Insurance Customized For Business We Offer The Power Of Choice To Employees and Their Families. Contact Us Today!

Our leadership

At the end of the day customer centric, so circle back translating our vision of having a market leading platform into the weeds let's schedule a standup during the sprint to review our KPIs.
    Martha Odom CEO
    Martha Odom
    Founder and CEO
    Lori Newcomer VP Sales
    Lori Newcomer
    Director of Sales
    Nealon Starr Group Insurance Principal
    Nealon Starr
    Group Insurance
    Drew Smith
    VP of Engineering
    Steve Manning VP of Customer Service
    Steve Manning
    Customer Service
    Jane Doe
    Amy Hansen
    Principal Designer

Your Well-being is our business.

The digital simple health care of HealthiestYou blended with the Progressive Wellness and Intergrative Chronic Disease Management of WellnessWayUSA, creates a rich environment lowering personal risk factors to their theoretical minimum.
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    Private Communities

    Private Communities, Connect with groups, members based on your needs & interest
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    On-Site Enrollment

    On-Site Enrollment We do the heavy lifting, we do the hands on work to enroll members
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    Prizes Fun activities, challenges and more to help members reach their goals
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    Podcasts Curated expert lead podcast libraries including video libraries
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    Love our users

    We listen to the user and also hear their unstated needs.
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    Selected courses, accessible 24/7/365, self-paced learning

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