Draw on your personal strength to meet your life goals

January 9th, 2023
set goals

“Keep an open mind” and “think positive” are more than just phrases. Affirmations like these can have a major impact on your attitude. And a positive attitude affects your success in reaching your goals.

Doubting yourself may require a reset on your part. That’s the good news about mindsets—they can change. We all possess the personal strength to make these changes.

However, it’s easy to get sucked into an “all-or-nothing” trap. For example: If you can’t achieve the perfect version of a health goal, why bother trying? This kind of mindset keeps us from moving forward. Instead of going for all, go for little wins, often called “floor goals.” These attainable steps make it easier to reach your bigger goals, or “push goals.”

Floor goals and push goals

An easy way to get started is to set two kinds of goals1—floor goals and push goals. Floor goals are baseline targets you set for yourself.  They are small goals that still feel like success. Push goals are loftier targets.  These are big-picture habits you strive toward that have more payoff.

Trying to eat a more balanced diet?

  • Floor goal: Add one veggie to your sandwich for lunch

  • Push goal: Have half of a sandwich and fill the remainder of your lunch plate with veggies

How about exercise?

  • Floor goal: Go for a 10-minute walk today

  • Push goal: Turn that 10-minute walk into a 30-minute walk

Managing your stress?

  • Floor goal: Practice deep breathing for just three or four breaths to calm your body

  • Push goal: Practice a two-minute meditation

Trying to be more mindful?

  • Floor goal: Jot down a quick note about how you’re feeling in the moment

  • Push goal: Journal your thoughts for 10 minutes before bed

Celebrate achieving floor goals. Floor goals are necessary to reach bigger achievements. Take stock of your personal strengths and take credit for your success. You’re on track to reach push goals with each goal you achieve.