Why WellnessWay is the best way to save?

May 19th, 2022
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Anyone can use HealthiestYou and Teledoc
but not everyone pays the same for the same services, especially when it comes to employee health plans!

The idea of having an online doctor visit is a big draw for anyone who has suffered through long wait times, or for those who have yet to find a dependable primary care physician.

However, perhaps the most important thing to note is that not everyone will pay the same to use Teladoc / HealthiestYou services.

Right now almost all 😀

  • Employers

  • Health plans

  • Brokers and consultants

  • Health systems

  • Public, labor, and education organizations

  • Third-party administrators

are using Teledoc HealthiestYou services to provide tele-medicine.

However ALL Health Plans charge the employees for these services.

If you are e.g. an Accenture employee you will be charged for:

  • a HY visit: $49 /visit ( general medicine)

  • HY mental health by Licensed Therapist: $85/ session

  • HY mental health evaluation by Psychiatrist : $190

  • HY mental health by Psychiatrist : $95 / session

  • HY dermatology $75 / visit

Beth Israel Medical Center will charge you

  • $ 39 / monthly membership fee

  • PLUS $ 49 for each consultation of any of the services above

UnitedHealthcare offers Teladoc/HY as well as a part of the offering: 😀

  • basic HY virtual doctors' visit for $20 / month with a 12 month commitment ( only 1 service)

  • for $ 40 / month you will get Teladoc/HY basic plus the HY mental health as part of an insurance plan, but only ONE consult per month!

Our WellnessWayUSA Bundles are the best and most affordable that always have ZERO $0 Co-Pays.

Your group insurance plan will not be hit with extra unnecessary cost.

Give us a call today @ 850-318-8813 - ask for Lori or Nelon to start saving today!